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You can order gusli of any type from our workshop. Here are the examples of our work:

9-stringed lyre-shaped gusli

11-stringed wing-shaped gusli

11-stringed wing-shaped gusli

11-stringed kantele

11-stringed wing-shaped gusli

9-stringed lyre-shaped gusli

Here are some samples of our instruments:

зпампаваць mp3зпампаваць відэа11-stringed wing-shaped gusli (spruce)
Suitins (Latvian folk dance)
зпампаваць mp311-stringed kantele (spruce)
Hrunvaldskaja Bitva (melody after Stary Olsa band)
зпампаваць mp311-stringed kantele (spruce)
Herr Mannelig (melody after Garmarna band)
зпампаваць mp313-stringed kantele (birch)
Ai Vis Lo Lop (old Bretonian melody)
зпампаваць mp310-stringed dvajcastyja (double-stringed) kantele (spruce)
Ojra (Belarusan and Latvian folk dance)
зпампаваць mp310-stringed wing-shaped gusli (spruce)
Lavonicha (Belarusan folk dance)
зпампаваць mp315-stringed wing-shaped gusli (spruce)
Lacela Kula (melody of Belarusan folk song)
зпампаваць mp37-stringed wing-shaped gusli (spruce)
Aniol (Belarusan and Latvian folk dance)
зпампаваць mp39-stringed lyre-shaped gusli (spruce)
Harela Sosna (melody of Belarusan and Ukrainian folk song)

Here are few words about how we are working:

We use various type of wood for bodies, but mainly we use spruce. The wood could be dried out or fresh (it depends on the order type). Here is the plank on the photo, that was brought from the ethnographic expedition. It had more than half of a century period of the perfect natural drying under the terrace steps of an old ethnographic country house.

We can use various machine tools as well as we could work in ancient style — with the help of an axe and a knife only (it depends on the order type).

Resonator could be hollowed from the upper side or from the bottom. Also some small modernizations are allowable (it depends on the order type). For example the inlaying of the band of wood of higher density to the pegs area.

Qualitative glueing of sounding board could be reached by traditional joiner's glues, or anything a bit modern (it depends on the order type).

A peg-wrench could help you to tune the instrument with additional comfort.

Traditional folk sash, weaved by the brilliant Belarusan girls, could allow you to play in the standing position, and could become a good decoration for the instrument.

A hard plane case will prolong the life of the instrument. It could steady your nerves in any journey. The instrument would be OK, even if it will be transported as a luggage by plane. The main advantage of a plane cases is an opportunity to pack instruments tetris-style one by one while packing baggage.

As an alternative choice there is a framed fabric cover. It has three protection layers: to protect from wet, from falls and from penetrating stabs. There are some pleasant bonuses: pockets, high quality zippers, handles and belts. The main advantage is that these covers are much lighter then plane cases.

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